Polish Word of the Day | Leftovers {Resztki}


12 Polish Dishes Made with Leftover Holiday Food

Leftovers… what to do with all that meat that’s just not going to taste the same reheated. I’m offering 12 Polish dishes that you can make using your leftover meat or potatoes. 

1. Potato Dumplings {Kopytka}

Do you have a ton of mashed potatoes leftover after the holiday dinner. Make this, serve along with turkey or ham + gravy and some vegetables (whatever you have in the fridge: carrots, broccoli, peas, bell peppers, etc.).


2. Chicken Pate {Pasztet}

Any type of cooked meat or mixture of different types of meat will do. Feel free to omit the liver, it will also taste delicious and cook just as well. Once cooled use to make delicious sandwiches garnished with pickles and/or onions. 

3. Chicken Gelatine {Galareta}

For adventurous eaters… perfect for leftover turkey or chicken.

4. Beef stew {Zupa Gulaszowa} 

Once that beef roast cools, no one is eating it again. Beef stew will keep the meat moist and soft, and create another mouth-watering, belly warming cold weather stew. In Polish cooking nothing goes to waste. 


5. Sauerkraut Soup {Kapuśniak}

Hardy soup made with leftover ham (or ham bone) tangy and filling, made with potatoes and carrots will do great in the fridge for several days, or can be frozen and reheated for a quick last-minute dinner. 


6. Hunter’s Stew {Bigos}

Throw whatever meat you have left over, some sauerkraut and mushrooms and done. Store in jars in the fridge or freeze and take out at the next house party. 

7. Stewed Chicken in Mushroom Sauce {Kurczak w Sosie Pieczarkowym}

Feel free to use turkey meat taken off the bone instead. Warm and smooth mushroom sauce will prevent turkey from drying out and utilize any leftovers that would otherwise be thrown out.

8. Meat-filled Potato Dumplings {Pyzy z Mięsem}

Cooked meat of any kind will work as a filling for this savory dumpling. Leftover potatoes will also be used to make the dough.

9. Beef Goulash {Gulasz Wołowy}

Another beef dish that can extend the life of a leftover roast.

10. Potato Dumplings {Kluski Śląskie}

Kluski śląskie made with leftover mashed potatoes, served with a creamy beef goulash or stewed turkey also made with leftover meat… how  Polish is that?!?!

Easy Polish potato dumplings, traditional Polish dinner dish, serve with gravy

11. Meat Pierogi {Pierogi z Mięsem}

Leftover turkey, ham or beef will do. Mince, add onions and spices and you have a whole new dish.

12. Split Pea Soup {Grochówka}

Leftover ham or ham bone will be a great base for this thick and hearty soup.


If you’re just feeling lazy, and all you want to do is eat turkey, stuffing and gravy again, try my way of reheating leftover mashed potatoes. After all, there is nothing wrong with eating Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner over and over again.

Be creative, taste and flavor your food with whatever feels is right. Deviating from the recipe is OK. Ask questions, if you want… but don’t be shy. Enjoy!







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