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I love to cook, eat and share my food. If you have an idea of how we can combine the cooking, the sharing and the eating with your business, please let me know. I’m open to new adventures:

~ Brand Ambassador – if your product is something I believe in, use and love, I would love to talk about how I can represent it, long, or short-term. Please contact me, we’ll talk over coffee and cake.

~ Recipe Development – if you’d like for me to develop a recipe using your product, showcase your product as a serving dish, or to be used in a publication, please contact me, we’ll talk over coffee and cake.

~ Sponsorship and Giveaways – if you’d like to donate a product to be featured in a giveaway, I’m in! Contact me and we’ll talk about it… over coffee and cake.

~ Paid Ads – if you’d like to place an ad on my page, limited space is available. Showcase your Polish pottery store, travel agency, Polish store, genealogy services, event or organization. Please contact me for specifics and pricing.

Like this:

~ If you have a different idea, please do tell. I’m open to new ideas and food quests.

Email me at and lets cook up a storm.

Anna Hurning



  1. My grandmother use to make a cold beet soup that we would have in the summer time. it was creamy and I know it had dill and cucumbers grated in it. anyone have a recipe.

    1. Hi Betty, the soup you’re referring to is called “chłodnik”, go to “Soups” section in my recipe index on the top menu of this blog and you’ll see it (and many other soup recipes) there. Enjoy! Anna

  2. I am trying to find the video that you feature a Polish Pottery suppler. I came across it when I first found your youtubes and can not seem to locate it again. Thank You.
    Love your videos.

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