Support Cookbook Kickstarter Campaign

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Support Cookbook Kickstarter Campaign


Support Cookbook Kickstarter Campaign

Publishing a cookbook is hard. SELF-publishing a cookbook is even harder. There are many ingredients that go into this stew, and I don’t have a recipe to follow. 👩‍🍳 I’ve been gathering the materials for the book since 2015, when the blog first started, a very talented graphic designer is helping me with the visual part of the project. I’m working with an excellent editor. I’ve found a print shop that will take on printing the book. Shipping, marketing, promoting is yet to happen, but I can handle that. The hard part is the funding. I’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to support the production of my cookbook on 1 October 2021. Campaign will run through 31 October 2021. Collected funds will pay for printing, editing, graphic design and promoting the book. If you can help with financial support, it is greatly appreciated. If not, please help spread the word by sharing

With Kickstarter, it’s all or nothing!!! This means that if I can’t collect the 100% of the campaign I don’t get any of it. This protects the campaign donors and keeps tabs on me. 

I will keep working hard to produce this book and bring it to my viewers and readers so they can preserve the recipes of their Polish ancestors. Keeping memories of our loved ones is my #1 goal.

Thank you for your support!!



Ps. link to campaign here:  


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  1. Hi Anna

    Just donated $25 to your cook book fund. I feel pretty positive about this. I have only done kickstarter one other time when I donated to start a Jewish bakery near my daughter’s home. Now whenever my grandson and I walk down there on Sunday morning, before the rest of the family wakes, we feel a sense of pride. I’m a decent cook but I could never make those gorgeous bagels. I also want to thank you as we just returned from a month in Poland. We spent weeks watching blogs, reading travel books and history books. The advise and information provided by you and Mark in your “kitchen closed” segment was the most helpful and practical. We saw maybe 10 other Americans the entire month. We are encouraging all our friends and family “go to Poland”. Please please let me know when you publish so I can get some books for my sisters, daughters and nieces. Good luck.

    1. Hello dear Anna, I like watching your videos and learning from them, can you be so kind and tell me if your book is out yet and if so from where can I buy it please?
      Thank you

  2. My grandmother made a soup called. kwas, I’ve never found anyone with a recipe or anyone that has made it. I was wondering if you know anything about this soup or have made it. It was a sweet sour, creamy looking with noodles, it may have had raisin or prunes in it like czernina

  3. Dear Anna
    My family came from Poland., I am 2nd generation. Each morning I watch you and Mark on you tube
    All my parents and Uncles and Aunts have passed so it is with great pleasure I watch your show. So many of your recipes are the same as my moms. God Bless you and yours. Sincerely B. Joyce Kulig

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