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  1. Hello from Buffalo New York. I want your cookbook. I do like to collect them, but I actually have shared and bought your Christmas memories cookbook as gifts. I love your cooking show and look forward to Friday’s “Kitchen’s Closed.” I have plans to visit Poland in the near future. Keeping track of the places you visit. Reading recipes and bringing back memories of my mom making pickles, pierogi, golabki – her way of course. Much Appreciated.

    1. Katherine I’m also from a suburb outside of Buffalo, where do you watch her cooking show, ( I didn’t know there was one) and is the name of her cooking show called Kitchen’ Closed. I saw it in your response above. Is the title Christmas Memories a name of another cookbook. I’d love to get it for my sister as well as myself.
      So now Anna I love your site and all your posts. Unfortunately I have lost both my Grandma and my Mom, and I still try and make a lot of the things that my Mom and Grandma made over the years. Most are delicious, some not so much, but I try. Some I don’t have the recipes for and I don’t speak a lot of Polish so I don’t even know what some things are called. Thank You for everything. I will be getting your cookbook when I get paid

  2. Hi from California! I also am waiting to purchase your book. I made your poppyseed cake for Easter and it was great! It tasted close to what my grandmother used to serve. So grateful to you Anna for doing this.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful cookbook. The recipes are simple and informative. It’s by far the best one that I have (and I have quite a few). Can’t wait for the reprint. I want to order 2 more for my children. Thank you again.

  4. Hi Anna,
    I’m looking forward to getting My Family Table when it’s available along with everyone else. I’ll be watching for an email.

  5. Hi Anna!
    I am eagerly waiting to receive your cookbook. I ordered it when it first came became available but it has not arrived. I know that you experienced a delay in getting books out. Is this still the case? I just want to make sure that you are holding my order and that it will arrive soon.

  6. Hello there. I was looking for the “cart” but could not fine it easily on your site and see a note that it is “sold out”. I would love to order your book. Thanks and cheers.

    1. Hi Bill, the book will be available on Monday, 16 May. You can find it in the BOOKSTORE tab, then add to card and proceed through the checkout process. Happy shopping!

  7. I ordered and paid for the ebook two days ago. I accidentally closed the tab that the book popped up on. When I went back to my order to download the ebook again, it said that I have reached my download limit. Help!

  8. Just tried to order 2 cookbooks. Getting in super early as it has been the 16th here for almost a day. But my error says you don’t ship to New Zealand. Why not? It is in the drop down of countries. This is so dissapointing. Can I get a work-around??

  9. Hi Anna! I cannot wait to receive your cookbook! My husband is Polish and his family cooks all of the same recipes in your book. Thanks for making my life easier by sharing your recipes!

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Unfortunately we are not able to ship to New Zealand. For some reason the Polish Post Office doesn’t give us that option, and companies like UPS/DHL are very, very expensive. The only thing we can think of is, if you know of someone in Australia that we could ship it to, then they can forward it on to you in NZ. I really wish it was easier. Thank you for your interest!

  10. Do you take wholesale orders? We are a nonprofit Polish Cultural Club- POLANKI, INC. Milwaukee WI. Our Polish Fest is 6/10-12/2022. Would like to showcase them. Polanki website is My email I am treasurer and merchandise buyer for the organization. I believe I just placed a credit card order for 3 signed copies. Excited they are available.

  11. What number of cookbooks are in a case? Interested in at least 12 or 24. What are the discount breakdowns? Very excited to add the cookbooks to our inventory. May also add a few ebooks and stickers to the order.

  12. What number of cookbooks are in a case? Interested in at least 12 or 24. What are the discount breakdowns? Very excited to add the cookbooks to our inventory. May also add a few ebooks and stickers to the order.

  13. I ordered the cookbook back in March.Wondering if still going to receive it. I live in Canada. I am looking forward to getting and reading it. Looks very interesting…

  14. What a masterpiece! We love your introduction and all of the pictures and recipes. Very thoughtfully laid out. We are thrilled to see so many familiar dishes in your cookbook! Thank you!

  15. For some reason I can’t order from your site. I put the book in my cart but can’t find where to check out. I am waiting for it to become available on Amazon but it still says unavailable and I check almost every day. Is there anything you can suggest so I can get this book?

    Linda Street

  16. I placed an order for the cook and wondered when they will be here I ordered them June 13th and haven’t heard anything yet I know they said they would be shipped from Poland 🇵🇱

  17. Hi Anna,
    Back again to place another order for 20 “Polish Your Kitchen” Cookbooks for Polanki. Please send an invoice as you have done in the past. Thank you for the bulk order discount for nonprofit org and tax-free if that is still available. Please ship air express (7-10 days). Our next event is on 9/18/2022.
    Feel free to call or email.
    Happy Summer,

  18. Hi Anna
    I’m from Vancouver BC, Canada
    I finally received my issue. I am glutenfree but have found so many recipes I can make and adapt. I love looking at the cover of your book.
    I actually have it on my desk in the hallway so everyone can see it.
    Thanks again

  19. I think I said yesterday I am never purchasing another cookbook. Then I saw yours. Ah, well, one more won’t topple the house over.

  20. been looking for this recipe for a while and would like to buy the book so many books out there but not what I want. Live in West Seneca, NY 14224 hopefully it the same as Iwant. To make

  21. Anna, I am born in Poland, Otwock. Have lived in the US since 1966. My brother and I were talking about making Pasztet, and how we miss the flavor our Mom created, so long ago. My husband searched U-Tube, and there you were. Have been watching and reminiscing. When you cook, I can almost taste it. I just ordered your book, one for me and one for my brother. I also love your “Friday” excursions, my Mother was born around Poznan, you and Mark are educating me about Poland.
    A heartfelt thank you. Margaret (Malgorzata)

  22. My Easter edition cookbook just arrived and I can’t be more excited! I’m thrilled to reconnect with lost family recipes thru these books. We also have My Family Table and the first edition Christmas cookbook.

    The books are well made and packed with photos. I especially appreciate that the books get shipped in (very) sturdy packaging. All of my books have arrived in perfect condition.

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