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8th of March is the International Woman’s Day. As a child, it meant receiving a carnation from my dad and brother, and maybe a lollypop. It was a day to feel important and noticed. I didn’t really pay attention to the true meaning of it in Poland. Today, I read that in the 70s, this was a MANDATORY celebration at work and school. I do remember mom or grandma receiving pantyhose, coffee, kitchen towels or soap at work. It was supposed to remind everyone that the government is taking care of their women and socialism is the way to go.

Today, carnation is replaced with tulips or daffodils and the symbolism evolved greatly. Any day that brings attention and appreciation to women, is a day to celebrate. Celebrate YOU today ladies!! 


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  1. In America, at least where I live, no one has really ever celebrated it or given something to me on March 8th. But this year, one of my Polish friends drew some flowers for me and wrote “Happy International Women’s Day” on it for me.

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