Why Do We Live in Poland?

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Why Do We Live in Poland?

On this episode of Kitchen’s Closed we are eating take out. On the menu is a well known fast food that migrated to Poland from the Middle East via Germany, kebab. They are also answering some of the viewers questions.


Link to recipe: https://wp.me/p8mef3-8k

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  1. Hey Anna and Mark…….I just watched your video on your Friday trip to a Kabob shop and a short talk in the park of your reasons for living in Poland. I knew some of your background as a couple you know well are Steve and Mary, two of my most special people !! The most I remember about both of you was a small wedding get together In Seeley,WI at a Wisconsin backwoods vacation spot and “deer hunting camp” . I liked the whole idea of the Friday get-a-way…..I enjoyed you and Mark’s the likes and not so much likes about living in Poland !! I do like the blog as I enjoy foods and even making food as I grew up in a very “strong” German Heritage family that included gardens, butchering, sausage making, dairy farm life milking cows, chickens and eggs, and so much more !! Do not stop the blog……as I look forward to seeing them !! Try to visit a Polish sausage making enterprise, Polish small Brewery, and a Bread and baking enterprise………. I have visited England, Germany, and a bit of Ireland but not yet to Poland……..traveling is not so easy these days and besides that I am “Old” !!!!! Your blog just might be my only trip to Poland ……. By knowing you some makes it really interesting !! It is not too professional , and I like the feel and honest sharing ……….. Kurt

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