A Book of Memories: Christmas Edition




“I’d like to invite you to experience a Polish Christmas with me this year. Please come in and see what this special holiday looks like at my family table. I’m warning you from the start though, you won’t see any gołąbki or kiełbasa here. This is Polish Christmas: traditional cooking and strict rules apply.

I know some of you may say: “my family came from Poland and they DO, INDEED, cook gołąbki, and kiełbasa for Christmas”, and this may be true. Consider this, however. As generations of Poles immigrated to the “new con- tinent”, the Polish kitchen evolved. Traditions changed due to availability of ingredients and environment. Immigrants adjusted and cooked dishes that reminded them of home, especially during “special occasions”, like Christ- mas. Some dishes faded away from their menus altogether. Second, third and following generations were left with just a taste of what Polish cooking can be. I hope you keep an open mind and consider bringing some of those classic dishes back into your home, and keep the traditions alive.

Recipes that you see in this book are to this day prepared and served by the masses in Poland. Some dishes may vary, but there is a consensus on certain items. Beet soup with dumplings, pierogi with sauerkraut and mushrooms, fried fish, Greek-style fish, herring and a few others, are always present. The method of cooking may be different from home chef to home chef, but you can expect to see this or a similar menu all around the country.”


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If you are a business owner who promotes Poland, Polish food, Polish heritage or traditions  receive a free copy (just pay for shipping). Please email me @ orderpyk@gmail.com with your name, business name, website/facebook, shipping address and I will forward it to you. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.


If you’d like to place an order for a bulk purchase (10 copies or more) please email me @ orderpyk@gmail.com for a quote.

Any other purchase inquiries, please email orderpyk@gmail.com.

Thank you and happy cooking!!




  1. Hi Anna,

    Your Christmas Edition is only on amazon. Can you order it another way. I refuse to order from Amazon I’m not a fan. My credit card information was hacked. I enjoy you very much.

    Thank You

    Anna Milczarek

    1. Hi Anna, I can process the payment via PayPal, if that works for you. The order would still come from Amazon, but you would handle the payment yourself via PayPal. If this works for you, please email me with your address, phone number and the number of copies you’d like. I will send an invoice to you for payment.

      You can email me at polishyourkitchen@gmail.com

      Thank you!

  2. I love your shows My Babcia use to mmake what she called peirok(sp) it had buckwheat &cottage cheese in a dough ,then baked .It was delicious .Are you familiar with this?

  3. I just purchased and received your new cookbook from Amazon. Unfortunately, the
    book was printed upside down and half of the pictures and recipes were cut off and it can’t be read.
    I’ve asked for a replacement book. I hope this isn’t the same way. I just wanted you to be aware of this issue.

    1. I also purchased your book from Amazon. Deeply disappointed and overpriced for a small paperback. Will not purchase future books.

  4. Love your stuff. Come back to Wisconsin please, our Polish heritage is disappearing more and more each year.

    Give my best to any Jakubeks around the Koscierzyna area. Merry Christmas!

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