New Video: Sour Rye Soup {Żurek}

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New Polish sour rye recipe video! 


Sour Rye Soup – Żurek


Link to recipe: zurek

I hope you enjoy!


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  1. I’ve been on an internship in Poland at Politechnka Wrocławka last semester, and this is by far my favourite Polish dish (of course pierogi is one as well) haha
    Thanks for sharing the recipe, so that I’m able now to cook here in Brazil, remembering the best time of my life! Poland will always have a special place inside my heart!

  2. My fave Polish dish! I judge the Polish national beer competition in Poznan and sometimes outside of Warsaw every year. And speak in Wroclaw every year. I just love it. I am excited to see your recipes! I live in Sonoma County, California
    Polish beer (Pivo!!) is fantastic Cheers

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