Polish Farmer’s Cheese Breakfast {Twarożek Śniadaniowy}

There are many ways one could approach Polish breakfast. Everyday, quick, grab-something-before-school/work kind of breakfast is most likely a sandwich. At home, open face sandwiches are served with a variety of toppings. Pork or turkey “lunch meats” garnished with a slice of a tomato are popular, or topped with a tuna salad for fish lovers, yoghurt with granola for those looking to fill up on grains and protein, naleśniki for those who have more time to putts around the kitchen in the morning, scrambled eggs with ham or sausage for those needing a bit more of a pick-me-up, or my personal favorite: soft-boiled egg with a couple of slices of  sourdough rye bread with butter, a few slices of a juicy and ripe tomato or radishes and the star of the show in my eyes: farmer’s cheese with dill and chives. If I don’t have any farmer’s cheese on hand, I sometimes substitute with cottage cheese.

There are many ways to prepare twarożek [tvah-roh-zehk]. Some add diced tomatoes, cucumbers and/or radishes, and most add dill and chives. Tangy and spreadable paste is lightly salty and creamy. Dill and chives help bring in a sense of summer freshness to the dish. I realize this is quite different from what America is used to for breakfast, but I encourage you to venture into this new realm of flavors and you may surprise yourself how pleasant this combo is… especially if Polish blood runs through your veins… you may just get hooked… and I hope you do.

Polish Farmer's Cheese Breakfast {Twarożek Śniadaniowy}

  • Prep Time: 5 min


  • Farmer's cheese*
  • Sour cream
  • Dill
  • Radishes / tomatoes / cucumbers (all or a choice)
  • Salt


  1. The amount of sour cream you will need, will depend on what kind of farmer's cheese you use. If it is a solid brick of farmer's cheese, break it up with your fingers first, then start adding sour cream - a tablespoon at a time to bring it to consistency of ricotta cheese (its still spreadable, but it won't fun off your bread). Keep mashing with a fork to continue breaking up the curds and mixing the sour cream in.

  2. You may also choose to add diced tomatoes, cucumbers or radishes. Up to your individual preference.

  3. Add as much chives and dill as you'd like. Don't forget salt.


Some farmer's cheese will not any sour cream, just depends on the brand and consistency.

* If you cannot find farmer’s cheese at your local grocery store, you may choose to make your own (recipe here), or purchase it on line (here).

Enjoy and smacznego!




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  1. Thank you for the inspiration! Made this for Saturday morning breakfast, using some homemade ricotta and a bit of kefir to moisten it, with the last of the herbs from the garden. My polish-born wife was almost crying while eating it and gave official “stamp of approval” 🙂

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