Polish Word of the Day | Supper

Kolacja = supper 

Pronounced: koh-lah-tsyah 

polish food

Kolacja is the final meal of the day, normally served around 7pm. Open face sandwiches are the food of choice, often topped with cheese, cold cuts or smoked fish, and garnished with slices of tomato, cucumber or pickles. Hot tea is served to even the young members of the family leaving them wired just before bed time.. don’t ask me why.

My brother and I are only 1 year apart in age, so we spent a lot of time together when we were kids. Meals were always eaten together. We sat at a small kitchen table and listened to a radio show for kids that was broadcasted everyday at 7:30 pm. We didn’t want to miss it, which made preparing for bedtime easy. We needed to be bathed and in pjs by then. We listened to the stories, ate our sandwiches, drank hot tea and tried to make it as long as possible. The show ended at 8, so there was no procrastinating before bed, regardless, we always tried.