Polish Word of the Day | St. Andrew’s Day

St. Andrews Day {Andrzejki} is celebrated on 29th or 30th of November in Poland, and its a last chance to get all of the partying done before going into advent, which ends on Christmas Eve.

St. Andrew’s Day is celebrated with slight variations in different European countries. Poles, in addition to dancing, eating and drinking, often practice fortune-telling. There are many fun games, and they depend on the age of the participants, but a lot of them have to do with how soon (or if) the subject of fortune will marry, if they will marry, or who they will marry. They are not taken seriously (maybe), but the custom is fun nevertheless.


Some of the games I used to play with my friends was pouring hot wax through a hole in an old church key into pot filled with cold water (don’t try this at home without adult supervision). When wax solidifies the shape is examined by casting a shadow onto a wall and the meaning decided. There were no rules really, and the outcome was determined by the imagination of those participating.

There are many games played that day, but this one always delivers a lot of laughs. Try it sometimes and see what your fate tells you. I’m curious to hear your stories. Leave me a comment below.